26.3 QT Extra Large Air Fryer Toaster Oven Combo, 21-in-1 Countertop Convection Toaster Oven for Pizza, Toast, Bake, Fry Meals, Desserts, Oil-less, Includes Baking Pan and Rack, Stainless Steel

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Brand: Dynybot


  • Large Capacity for Family Dinners: The large 26.3QT capacity, equipped with an airflow rack can cook 4 foods at the same time, saving very much cooking time for family dinners. The convection oven capacity can hold approximately 25 chicken wings, 8 slices of toast, roast 12 pounds of turkey or bake a 12-inch pizza.
  • Beginners Cook Like a Top Chef: 21 preset functions and a temperature range of 100°F-450°F/38°C-250°C, with recipes included in the package, allow even novices to quickly make delicious food to share with their families. The rotating buttons and LCD digital display make it easy to view and adjust the oven status.
  • Precise Temperature Control & Money Saving: The super heat-conducting upper and lower heat pipes allow the oven's internal temperature to rise quickly, allowing the heat to be fully utilized, thus reducing power consumption and using the oven's electricity for cooking instead of the increasingly expensive natural gas. Newly designed 360° hot air circulation technology distributes temperature evenly over every part of the food, preventing the problem of many ovens burning food.
  • Healthier for Your Family: Researchers tested a variety of foods and found that the Air Oven eliminated 85% of the excess fats and oils that affect health, without damaging the taste and nutrition of the food. Eating delicious food also gives you and your family a healthy body.
  • Humanized Shell and Accessories: stainless steel shell with good heat dissipation performance to reduce the external temperature, while affixed with reminder signs to reduce the risk of being scalded. Double tempered glass door heat insulation at the same time can clearly observe the food situation, easy to clean pull-out crumb tray can be simply hand wash or machine wash.

Details: Eat better food with your family and have a healthier body First choice for dinner parties With a large 26.3QT capacity, plus an airflow rack for cooking 4 types of food at the same time, 21 preset cooking functions and 4 accessories in the package, including an oven rack, baking sheet, air fryer basket, and built-in removable crumb tray, it meets all your cooking needs for family or friends gatherings. The complimentary heat-resistant oven mitt allows you to remove food more safely to prevent burns. The complimentary recipes will also inspire you to cook more and make your family and friends rave about your cooking skills. Special cooking functions In addition to common cooking functions, there is a special dried fruit function. Traditional dried fruit machines take 8 to 10 hours to cook dried fruit, but this air fryer takes only 4 hours to cook multiple layers of dried fruit to achieve a crispy texture. There is also the rare SOUS VIDE function, which is low-temperature cooking that retains moisture and maximizes the nutrients of the food without damaging it, ensuring great taste while retaining more nutrients. 360° hot air circulation The upper and lower heat pipes allow food to be cooked in less time, and the built-in bi-directional fan allows the oven to circulate hot air 360° around the food, distributing the temperature evenly over the food and making every part taste great. Removable pull-out crumb tray Push it into the oven while cooking to keep the oven clean. Remove it from the oven after cooking and simply clean it with a neutral or alkaline cleaner. The removable crumb tray has a depth of 6 mm and holds up to 13.5 oz/400 ml of crumbs.