Adaptive Cutting Board | One-Handed Cutting Board | Adaptive Kitchen Equipment | One Hand Gadget | Food Preparation Set for People with Disabilities Cook-Helper | Set Optimal

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Brand: Cook-Helper


  • ✅ ONE-HANDED VEGETABLE PEELER. Allows you to peel vegetables and fruit easily, quickly and safely with one hand or tremor in your hands.
  • ✅ BIG, STABLE 4-sided GRATER. Full-fledged grater. Attaches to the board. Quickly removes and installs. You can grate quickly and a lot with one hand. Can be used separately from the set by any member of your family.
  • ✅ SPIKES and BREAD STOPS To prepare breakfast with one hand, make sandwiches or fix fruit for slicing.

Details: ONE-HANDED CUTTING BOARD - ADAPTIVE KITCHEN SET. 🟢 STABLE VEGETABLE PEELER The "Cook-Helper" has a Holder for Vegetable PEELER for one-hand or weak hand use. It attaches to the board and allows you to peel vegetables and fruit easily, quickly and safely with one hand. That is why it is perfect for even just the elderly with weakness in their hands. 🟢 GRATER HOLDER The big, 4-sided grater is firmly held in the vegetable peeler holder, allowing people with weak hands, people with a disability to grate vegetables, cheese and other products with confidence. 🟢 STOPS for making sandwiches. it is easy to prepare sandwiches and snacks with one hand with it. The attachment is equipped with bread stops so that it is easy to make a sandwich using only one hand. 🟢 A LARGE beechwood ADAPTIVE chopping BOARD (Length: 17.7"; Width: 11.0"; Thickness: 0.63") with 4 ANTI-SLIP PADS can be used either with or separately from the set. It is equipped of holding spikes (nails to fix food), so stroke survivors, people with hand disability and other limits in their hands or fingers, can slice or peel easily.