All-Clad Electric Dutch Oven, Cast Iron and Stainless Steel, 5 quart

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Brand: All-Clad

Color: Silver


  • Features deep dimensions and five cooking modes for unparalleled versatility when preparing home-cooked meals on any schedule
  • Holds 5 quarts of food, enough to feed a good-sized hungry crowd
  • Has an intuitive, easy-to-read LCD digital screen and large push-button controls
  • Offers easy-to-grip handles to take right to the table for serving
  • Tempered glass lid traps heat and moisture, so food doesn’t try out or get cold
  • Cast iron insert is easy to clean and dishwasher-safe

Details: Classic French cuisine meets modern technology with this Electric Dutch Oven. Simply set the programmable LCD screen digital timer and your food cooks on its own, bringing out all those delicious flavors. With 5 different cooking modes not only can you slow cook a tasty bouillabaisse, you can also braise a leg of lamb, or even sauté a mirepoix, right in the Dutch Oven without having to transfer your food to a pan. If you want to go the old-fashioned route, the insert can go on a stovetop or inside the oven for that classic technique. Made from cast iron, it retains heat longer, which is great for those all-day recipes. The cast iron lid retains heat and moisture to maintain the perfect texture and the integrated riveted handles let you take it from countertop to tabletop and use it as its own serving dish. At 5 quarts, it’s big enough to make food for a mini buffet.