Amoretti Brothers Hammered Copper Cookware 7-pcs Set with Standard Lid

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Color: Copper


  • Hand-hammered copper pots and pans
  • Exclusive design
  • Tin-lined on the cooking surface
  • Cast-bronze handles and lid
  • Lifetime warranty

Details: Amoretti Brothers solid hammered copper cookware set. Lined by hand using a double layer of tin for a longer durability. It is a real work of art. The set of 7 includes: 1 sauce pan 1.3 qt + lid, 1 sauté pan 4.3 qt + lid, 1 sauce pan 5.4 qt lid, 1 frying pan 3 qt. The copper sheet used has a thickness of 2 millimeters, to reach the best cooking performance. Copper is a great heat conductor and reduces temperature dispersion. It is resistant to scratches, thermal shocks and corrosion. Perfect for food preparations that require precise temperatures and slow cooking when the heat is directly transferred to the exterior surface. In addition, a copper cookware is an extraordinary serving piece. The handcrafted and individually polished handles are made of bronze, and they are secured to each pan using strong rivets ensuring years of functionality. Advantages: - Best heat conductor. - Energy efficient cookware - Thanks to the properties of copper, a prime heat conductor, the pot heats uniformly and twice as fast than most cookware. - Indispensable for the perfect result for cooking preparations that require simmering, excellent for cream and caramelized sugar pastries. - The beauty of our pans can be appreciated both in the kitchen and dining table.