Arzum Okka Automatic Turkish Coffee Machine, Maker, USA 120V, UL/NSF, Black and Gold

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Brand: Arzum

Color: Black


  • AUTOMATICALLY brews up to 2 cups of Turkish, Greek coffee at a time and pours directly into the cup(s). All you have to do is put coffee in the cooking chamber, push a button and go. Arzum Okka's automatic cooking process does the rest for you and pours delicious Turkish coffee with perfect foam when it is ready.
  • AUTO ALTITUDE DETECTION system ensures ideal brewing at any geographical location. Water boils at different temperatures at different altitudes. Therefore it is important for your coffee machine to heat the coffee up to the right temperature according to its location. When turned on for the first time, Arzum Okka runs an automatic setup process, during which it identifies its altitude from the sea level and sets the ideal cooking temperature. This temperature can also be modified manually.
  • COMMERCIALLY-COMPLIANT with NSF certificate. Arzum Okka is approved by NSF for commercial use. This makes it suitable to be used in restaurants, cafes and similar places were Turkish coffee is served commercially.
  • UL-Approved
  • SLOW-BREW Function for extra extraction of coffee flavours

Details: "Arzum Okka brews Turkish/Greek Coffee automatically and pours directly into the cup(s) with perfect foam and ideal taste. All you have to do is to put coffee (and sugar or spice powder, if desired) into the brewing chamber and press 1 or 2-cup button. Arzum Okka does the rest automatically and your coffee is ready to be enjoyed in less than 1. 5 minutes. "Slow brew" function extends the brewing process to around 5 minutes, offering you the taste of slowly brewed Turkish/Greek Coffee. Arzum Okka cleans itself with the press of a button. Arzum Okka unique design was recognized by the Red dot and Plus X Design Awards. It is fully compatible with the US standards; UL and NSF-approved, comes with US-plug and operates with 120V.Arzum Okka는 터키/그리스 커피를 자동으로 추출하고 완벽한 폼과 이상적인 맛으로 컵에 직접 붓습니다. 커피(원하는 경우 설탕 또는 향신료 가루)를 양조 챔버에 넣고 1 또는 2 컵 버튼을 누르는 것입니다. Arzum Okka는 나머지를 자동으로 수행하며 커피를 1 미만으로 즐길 수 있습니다. 5분. "Slow brew" 기능은 브루잉 과정을 약 5분까지 연장하여 천천히 내린 터키/그리스 커피의 맛을 제공합니다. Arzum Okka는 버튼을 눌러 스스로 청소합니다. Arzum Okka의 독특한 디자인은 Red dot 및 Plus X Design Awards에서 인정받았습니다. 미국 표준과 완벽하게 호환됩니다. UL 및 NSF 승인을 받았으며 미국 플러그가 함께 제공되며 120V로 작동합니다."