Bakeware, Nine Holes Not Sticky Baking Dish Cup Cake Muffin Bread Home Baking Not Sticky Carbon Steel

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Brand: HOMEH


  • ■ Material - Using high-quality carbon steel, thicker material, strong thermal conductivity, wear resistance, non-stick, easy release, high-quality non-stick coating, durable, durable and non-stick
  • ■ Porous design - the baking pan has a vent hole design, 360 ° continuous ventilation without dead angle, the dough is heated more evenly, which is beneficial for fast baking
  • ■ Long-lasting and non-sticky - the surface is a high-quality and durable non-sticky coating, which can provide long-lasting non-sticky protection, easy to release and easy to clean.
  • ■ Save time and effort - Nine holes design can bake 9 breads or cakes at the same time. The thick carbon steel baking pan can effectively absorb and dissipate heat, so it can bake evenly, which greatly saves baking time
  • ■ Durable and durable - Electroplating and sandblasting can improve the durability, thicker material, not easy to warp, high hardness, strong and durable, not easy to deform, excellent performance, durable

Details: Name: Bakeware Material: carbon steel Advantages: high-quality carbon steel, thick material, strong thermal conductivity, wear resistance, non-stick, easy release, high-quality non-stick coating, durable, long-lasting non-stick Packing quantity: 1 Weight: 700g High temperature resistance: 230 ℃ Uses: You can safely make muffins, cookies, floss breads, egg tarts, brownies, cupcakes, puffs, etc. in the oven, and you can do DIY baking at will, with a wide range of uses Product size: 32 × 30 × 3cm (manual measurement, there will be slight errors) 【note】 1: Please pay attention to the size of the oven in your home before buying. The size of the oven should not be too close to the size of the baking tray, so as to avoid damage to the baking tray due to thermal expansion 2: Do not use hard cleaning tools, the product should be cleaned in time, only for the oven, do not use high temperature steam to clean the mold 3: During the transportation of the metal mold, there will be slight scratches, but it will not affect the normal use of the mold. Due to differences in shooting tools, lighting, shooting environment, etc., the product may have chromatic aberration 4: Before the first use, apply a layer of butter (do not use salad oil) 5: The mold is not suitable for use in environments where there is a large difference between high and low temperatures 【Brand Story】 We have been committed to the practical design of baking tools, we are also the advocates of healthy baking concepts, we focus on the needs of customers, novel design, excellent quality, giving you a comfortable and reliable product experience 【Guarantee】 ● 100% sincere after-sales service. Your satisfaction is our greatest success! ☎ If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We express a sincere welcome!