Bakeware, Tempering Glass Not Sticky Microwave Oven Oven Safety Grilled Chicken Wings Cake Baking (Size : 33.5×24×6cm)

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Brand: HOMEH


  • ■ Material - Sturdy and durable tempered glass material, resistant to abrasion, three times the strength of ordinary glass, high temperature 300 °, microwave oven and oven safe
  • ■ Safe to use - Tempered glass is resistant to high temperatures of 300 °. Even if it is taken out of the refrigerator and directly placed in a microwave oven, it will not burst. It is safe to use
  • ■ High-quality non-sticky - the surface is smooth glass, it will not stick to food, easy to mold, easy to clean, and it is very convenient to bake
  • ■ Application - Muffins, cake rolls, floss breads, square pizzas, grilled fish, grilled chicken wings, etc. can be safely made in the oven, which can be used for DIY baking at will
  • ■ Energy saving and time saving - Glass material has good heat conduction and heat storage performance, heat is quickly and evenly, energy saving and time saving