BRUNO Toaster Grill BOE033-WH (White)【Japan Domestic genuine products】

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Brand: BRUNO

Color: White

Details: Product features ★ Top open toaster and grill that can share freshly baked tatto with table ● The toaster and the grill are united! ● Top open type that you can share freshly baked items at the table. ● The upper and lower heaters which are baked at high temperature and in a short time can be switched ON / OFF respectively. ● A wide variety of pleasures such as baking / grilling / warming, etc., will be active in diverse ways from breakfast bread to dinner main dish. ● With a special leaf with 8 recipes posted. (Japanese) ◆ design ● It's a cute colon design that leaves it on a table or kitchen. ◆ Top open type ● Since you can open from the top, cooking is easy to take out, you can put it after cooking topping! ◆ Gridiron is removable ● Easy to remove and care for Gridiron. ◆ Baking tray included ● The baking tray which spreads the width of cooking is attached. ◆ Bread crumb / water receiving tray ● At the bottom is a bread scrap / water receiving tray. ◆ Tighten water to prevent smoke / dirt ● By placing water in the tray, there is the effect of suppressing the adhesion of smoke and oil stains that are emitted during cooking. ◆ Dial (left side) ● The heater can be switched to the upper part only, the lower part, up and down according to the dish. ◆ Dial (right side) ● The dial on the right side is a timer of 30 minutes total. ※ ★ ★ Detailed description By "Newsbridge" ★ ★ ※