Bubblingplus Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker, Carbonated Beverage Dispenser, 32 Ounce (White)…

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Brand: bubblingplus

Color: White


  • Elevate The Taste Of Your Drinks Done At Home: The "micro-bubbles" created by Bubblingplus Surprise Bottle give you a creamy and tantalizing sensation in your mouth. It brings your beverage drinking experience to a brand new level without leaving home!
  • Beverages Creation Examples: Nitro Cold brew coffee/tea, Flavored Iced Coffee, Whipped cream, Carbonated beverages, Sparkling Water, Cocktails/Mocktails, Milkshakes, Wines Aeration & Liquor Flavor Enhancement.
  • Design Meant For Gas Infusion: The "Slow-Flow Tube" patented design optimizes the gas-fluid mixture, which gives you the best results for the cascading pour or bubbly carbonated drinks. Drinks can be served within a minute. The airtight seal keeps leftover drinks completely pressurized for up to 3 days under refrigeration. .
  • Compatibility: Works with Any food-grade N2O (8g), CO2 (8g), & N2 (2g) cartridges.
  • Gas Chargers/Carriages/Capsules Not Included.