CERAMICHE D'ARTE PARRINI - Italian Ceramic Centerpiece Flat Fruit Art Pottery Painted Made in ITALY Tuscan

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Details: Ceramic Centerpieces or flat to put on pedestal. Decorations Fruit :pomegranates, grapes and leaves on white background blue, framed side curls blue old board in yellow / orange. --Net weight Kg.2,000 Dimensions (15,96 Inch) (14,17 Inch) --All our products are lead-free and can be used for foods, can go in the dishwasher and in the microwave-You can ask any other customization, buy directly from the manufacturer of Tuscan craft. Hand painted by "Ceramiche d'arte Parrini" , since 1979. The item (with certificate of authenticity )may vary slightly from the photos, each object is considered unique .