Coffee Bean cooler Wissxoer Electric Coffee Roasting Cooling Machine High Capacity 1000G Double layer Collect Coffee Chaff (1000G BLACK)

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Color: 1000G BLACK


  • Easy to use:Put freshly roasted coffee beans in the upper layer, stir them gently. then The lower layer will absorb the chaff.Waitting 1-3 minutes for the beans to cool before collecting the beans into the container.
  • High power and large capacity:The beans cooling machine can cool 2.2 pounds of coffee beans in 1-3 minutes to prevent over-roasting and firmly lock the flavor of roasted coffee.This is a coffee bean cooler, not a coffee roaster.
  • Long operation life:After the beans are cooled, use a cleaning cloth to wipe the screen clean. The chaff in the lower screen can be poured directly into the trash can. The chaff will not enter the fan, extending its service life.
  • High product quality:This coffee cooler is made of 304 stainless steel. health and safety
  • Wide range of applications: a good helper for home baristas, also used in coffee shops. excellent holiday gift

Details: Package: coffee bean cooler * 1,Two screens