Cold Brew Coffee Maker Starter Kit - Half Gal Mason Jar | Stainless Filter Basket | Ceramic Burr Grinder | Half Pound Certified Organic Whole Bean Cold Brew Blend | Recipe & Instruction Book

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Brand: Craft Connections Co

Color: White


  • COLD BREW IN A BOX! Do you or someone you know spend a small fortune on those fancy coffee drinks from the local coffee shop? Craft Connections Co. brings you the Cold Brew Starter Kit, complete with all the tools and coffee beans to make delicious cold brew at home. Also included in the kit is a fun and educational book on the history of coffee, including instructions and recipes that will have you brewing delicious batches time and time again. Packaged nicely in a wood printed corrugate box!
  • HALF GALLON MASON JAR & STAINLESS FILTER! The trusted, durable, 64oz Ball Widemouth Mason Jar & Stainless Lid is made of food-safe, BPA-free materials. The custom stainless filter basket is made of heavy gauge fine mesh stainless steel including an innovative silicone seal design which means no coffee grounds are getting in your drink. Built to last a lifetime this cold brew coffee maker will be a hit for years to come! REPLACEMENT FILTER: search "B07HDS9YYV"
  • PREMIUM CERAMIC BURR COFFEE GRINDER! Freshly ground coffee simply tastes better! The hand operated manual coffee mill allows for precision-grinding the right amount right before your brew, providing the best results. Those tasty oils and solubles are released to the environment when you're ready to do so. Providing great flavor and bold richness coffee lovers enjoy. This design allows one to quickly & easily adjust the coarseness. Making this a cost-effective grinder for brewing all coffee
  • CERTIFIED ORGANIC COLD BREW COFFEE BEANS! Included in this kit is half pound bag of certified organic, fair trade coffee beans. In partnership with Dean's Beans, we are offering a unique blend of Columbian & Guatemalan beans. This brew is guaranteed to be smooth, crisp, clean and low-acidity.
  • QUICK, FUN & EASY OR YOUR MONEY BACK GUARANTEED! Effortlessly make the best tasting cold brew coffee in hours. Simply coarsely grind the coffee beans and add to the basket, fill with water, give a little shake, steep overnight and enjoy! If you are not completely satisfied, return within 30 days of purchase for your money back!


Step 1: Add coarse ground coffee to basket and add water. To make a full batch add 1 1/3 cup grounds to 8 cups water, adjust to your liking. This will yield 1.5 quarts of cold brew coffee.

Step 2: Give a shake, allow the grounds to steep for 16-20 hours, even longer if you prefer a stronger, bolder taste.

Step 3: Remove coffee ground, refrigerate and either serve as is on ice or choose from one of many popular recipes from Texas Jack's Famous Cold Brew Coffee Recipes book.


What sets this kit apart from others is the 130 page recipe and instruction book TEXAS JACK'S FAMOUS COLD BREW COFFE RECIPES AND A BRIEF HISTORY ON COFFEE written by Dennis Waller. The author does a great job giving informative background on coffee from all over the world plus many amazing coffee drink recipes as well as infused tea and water recipes.

It's our goal at Craft Connections Co. to offer our customers the best product at the best price and also bring a fun and informative aspect to our products. This nicely packaged product makes a great gift for any coffee lover in your life!


The large custom stainless filter basket allows one to achieve a highly concentrated cold brew. The innovative silicone seal design mates perfectly to the 2 piece mason jar lid creating a water tight seal, allowing you to shake the jar to fully coat the grounds and not end up with anything in your coffee! Makes up to 1.5 quarts of coffee.


#1 - Studies have shown cold brew coffee is 67% less acidic which is easier on your stomach and teeth. Perfect for those with acid reflux issues.

#2 - Coffee prepared at lower temperatures preserves a higher ratio of antioxidants.

#3 - It tastes smoother and it's perfect for that afternoon pick me up on a hot afternoon!