Commercial Conveyor Toaster, 300PCS/Hour 2200W 110V Bulit with Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Toaster for Restaurant Equipment For Bread Bagel Breakfast Food

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Brand: TaiShi

Color: Stainless Steel,White


  • High efficiency toaster, toast 300~350 slices of bread per hour
  • Adjustable conveyor speed, 7 bread colors to select; 3 different toasting mode, provide you with ideal bread crispiness
  • Suit from traditional white slice to hearty, wheat bagel halves, buns and donut, etc.
  • Stainless steel frame, safe for food process; Dispense bread from the front or back chutes
  • This conveyor toaster is ideal for preparing morning rush meal or self service in restaurants, cafes, buffets, hotels, hostels and bakeries. Also burger stores can benefit from this runing toaster

Details: This conveyor toaster is ideal for preparing toast at brunch or self service in restaurants, cafes, hotels, hostels and bakeries. Also burger stores can benefit from this run toaster. Due to its high capacity and fast preparation, this toaster provides many delicacies in a short time and pleases your customers not only with bread of the best quality, but also with a short wait For best results, the toaster's rail has seven different speed levels, which can be used to toast the toast to your liking. Level 1 is best for brighter breads, as the throughput speed is quite fast. The higher the level, the more intense the degree of browning, as the toasts stay longer in the device The housing of the catering toaster is made of high quality stainless steel, which is why the device is very stable and easy to clean. The interior is made of stainless aluminum. To facilitate cleaning, this model has a removable drawer, which is located below the guide rails. This catches all crumbs during use and can be easily removed and rinsed after use Four height-adjustable feet made of stainless steel ensure that the conveyor toaster on any surface is safe and level. As the breads can be ejected either from the front of the appliance via a bridge, or via an additional add-on output tray on the back of the toaster, there is great freedom in placing the toaster on the buffet and your customers can use them as they please. The modern design also makes the conveyor toaster suitable for any interior. An integrated fan ensures adequate cooling of the appliance during use to protect the toaster from overheating even during daily use for several hours Specifications: Voltage: 110V Frequency: 60Hz Power: 2.2KW Conveyor Speed: Adjustable Chutes: Front and Rear Material: Stainless Steel Feature: 7 Bread Colors to Select Efficiency: 300-350 pcs/h Color: Silver Package Size: 54×45×48cm(21×17.7×18.9in) Gross Weight: 19.55k