Cook Kitchen Stainless Cookware Set 3 Piece Nonstick Stainless Steel Pan and Pots Set, Thicken The Bottom of The Pot, Thicken and Durable

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  • Deepening the pot shape, thickening the pot body, wipe it out, one pot is multi-purpose.
  • Deepen the pot type, prevent oil from spilling, the strength is sticky, and it will be after a flush.
  • Slow frying on low heat, soft and delicious, and non-sticky, cook.
  • Maifan stone has stronger anti-sticking performance, high-strength anti-scratch and abrasion resistance, less smoke, non-explosive oil, and no peculiar smell.
  • The pan is 8.2cm deep, which is about 2.5cm higher than the ordinary non-stick pan. It is really deep-fried and stir-fried smoothly.