Cristel C14QMPKPPA Casteline Set with 1 qt Saucepan with Lid, long handle and 2 grips (5 Piece), Silver

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Brand: Cristel

Color: Silver


  • Compact Storage - Because there are no handles and vessels nest inside each other you can get 23 items in a cookware drawer versus 6 or 7 with conventional attached handles
  • Safety on the Cooktop - Since you don’t need to cook with handle on vessels they are much safer and can never be tipped over
  • Oven Use - Given handles remove they never get hot in an oven. You can also get two vessels on an oven rack. You can even lift a lid without the use of an oven glove
  • Dishwasher Storage - With no handles and frying pans shaped like plates you can get far more vessels in the dishwasher for cleaning. All items are dishwasher safe
  • Cook & Serve - The Long handle can be switched out for two side handles to go elegantly to the table with cold handles for passing dishes around. The defuser base will keep foods warm for serving

Details: This set includes a 1 qt Casteline saucepan, 1 silver Casteline long handle and 2 silver Casteline side handles. The Casteline 1 quart. Saucepan with Domed Glass Lid is perfect for small jobs like boiling vegetables or making rice or grains. It features 3-Ply Side Walls combined with a 5th Ply in a diffuser base for precise heat control. It also features measurement markings in quarts and liters for use without a measuring cup. It stores easily nesting in larger CRISTEL saucepans. It is made in France and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. It is compatible with all cooking surfaces including induction. It fits the 1 quart. Steamer and 1 quart. Bain Marie for added versatility. Dishwasher and Oven safe.