De Buyer Professional 28 cm Stainless Steel Priority Non-Stick Frying Pan with Tube Handle 3599.28

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Brand: De Buyer

Color: Silver


  • Multilayered stainless steel composite material balances lasting design with expert control
  • Rapid increase in temperature and an instant halt when cooking with reduction techniques
  • As one continuous piece of material heat is perfectly distributed throughout sauce pan
  • With ergonomic riveted Cold tube handle experience comfortable, safe grip and a sleek design
  • Made in France de Buyer food service products include a 2-year limited manufacturer's warranty

Details: With nearly two centuries of expertise, de Buyer's mission is to provide top-quality kitchen essentials crafted with knowledge and methods passed down through generations of workers. Established for more than 180 years, de Buyer takes great pride in its "Made in France" heritage, boasting the prestigious "GUARANTEED FRENCH ORIGIN" label. Generations of workers have fine-tuned and passed along their rich, rare know-how allowing traditional methods to live on and ensuring each product is manually stamped, cut, bent, welded, and polished with the utmost care. With every product, de Buyer provides a limited 2-year manufacturer's warranty, taking great care to guarantee exceptional customer satisfaction. The Priority 28 cm non-stick frypan, a necessity in the modern chef's kitchen, is made with de Buyer's innovative multi-layer stainless steel composite material. This combination results in a hyper-reactive process that ensures the rapid rise of temperature when introduced to heat as well as an instant halt to cooking when removed from a conduction or induction cooktop. The outcome is perfectly controlled cooking, preserved flavor and vitamins, and energy savings due to its unique temperature-controlling abilities. Priority cookwares multi-layer material is shaped in one continuous piece, allowing for a perfect heating circuit throughout each pot and pan; an essential attribute for preparing stews and sauces. In addition, the Priority fry pan features an ergonomic, riveted tube handle for optimized functionality and comfort, as well as a precisely sized pouring rim making it the paramount selection in its category.