Delonghi ACTIVE SERIES Pop-Up Toaster CTLA2003J-BK (Intense Black)【Japan Domestic genuine products】【Ships from JAPAN】

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Brand: De'Longhi

Details: Product features ★ Pop out toaster with savory tofu, inside is fluffy delicious toast ◆ Delicious toast with pop-up formula. ● Pop-up ceremony, the outside is frozen, while the delicious toast of fluffy is burnt inside. ● The adjustment of grilling eyes can be set in 6 steps with slide. ◆ Frozen bread and warming are OK. ● "Warming still" that can warm up the baked bread once, stop heating on the way "Cancel" has three functions, you can use according to your preference. ◆ 5 slices cut wide bread to bread ● Corresponds to 5 bread loaves from 10 sheets cut. ● Bread is placed in the center of the slot regardless of thickness. ◆ "Extra lift" which burned toast is easy to take out ● After the baked toast pops up and comes up, you can lift the lever further up, making it easy to take out. ◆ With dust shielding cover ● Cover it when not in use, with a cover to prevent dust from entering. ◆ Drawer type waste receiver ● Since the scrap receptacle can be pulled out and removed, it is easy to clean and can be kept clean. ※ ★ ★ Detailed description By "Newsbridge" ★ ★ ※