DeLonghi compact full automatic Espresso machine MAGNIFICA S SUPERIORE ECAM23420SB (silver black) 【Japan Domestic genuine products】

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Brand: De'Longhi

Color: Silver

Details: Product features ★ Special regular coffee. "Cafe · Japone" ● "Cafe · japanpones" function incorporating espresso flavor and drip flavored aftertaste. Extract beans as steamed while hand dripping. You can enjoy a cup of condensed smell and umami. ◆ Fluffy milk with milk floser easily also cappuccino and cafe latte ● If you milk milk with steam using milk flosser, fluffy milk like drinking in a cafe is also easy. In addition, just by moving the floss adjustment knob up and down, you can make the best milk for cappuccino and caffe latte. ◆ Easy character guidance makes operation easy to understand ● According to the letter guidance displayed on the liquid crystal, anyone can choose coffee you want to drink. ◆ Grinding the beans at any time. Grind the beans without missing the fragrance. ● Adopted a cone type grinder that is best suited for grinding espresso beans. Because it grinds beans at low speed rotation, frictional heat is less likely to occur and escape the aroma which is the life of espresso. It is also attractive to make the particle size uniform. ◆ Tamped ground beans at optimum pressure. ● Adopted an extraction unit that can fill the filter case with ground beans and compact it with uniform pressure. Exquisite tamping like this varista makes espresso delicious. ◆ Water supply tank which can be easily removed with full operation ● A water supply tank that can slide from the front of the machine. You can easily replenish water or clean it.