DeLonghi drip coffee maker ICM14011J (Black)

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Brand: De'Longhi

Details: Product Description ★ I wanted of this size with this design. My "delicious drip coffee" special-purpose machine ★ Up to 5 cups up of drip coffee maker that does not choose the location put in a compact size. ◆ Aroma button to bring out the coffee flavor ● If you press the aroma button, close to the carefully brewed, full-fledged hand drip technique while steaming In intermittent extraction, pull coffee flavor to the fullest. ◆ News feature ● Notification function will inform an easy-to-understand upon completion and at the start of hot water supply in. ◆ Paperless filter ● With paperless filter, of course, eco, the extraction not miss the coffee of oil. Paper filter in your favorite is also available. ◆ Auto-off system ● Since the power supply in the 40 minutes after the hot water supply completion is able to automatic, you do not have to worry about forgetting to turn off. ◆ Drop prevention function ● Because it uses a drop prevention function, also remove the jug during the extraction, Coffee spill difficult to design than spout. ◆ Keep warm plate ● Securely stored in a warm plate.