DeLonghi Pop-up toaster 「ICONA Vintage Collection」CTOV2003J-BG (Dolce Beige)【Japan Domestic genuine products】

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Brand: De'Longhi

Details: Product features ◆ In retro color usage, the original scenery of Italy lurking in the chest will be resurrected. ● Combination of woody color tone and stainless steel which simultaneously express luxury and cleanliness. Since the heat source is close, a pop-up formula that delicious toast burns. ◆ Coloring the kitchen ● A space with people and things. Italian design which has been overwhelmingly supported by emphasis on mutual relations. Aikona Vintage is a tribute to Delonghi to such a golden Italian design. I recall the elegant lifestyle where retro coloring that makes me feel Italian climate begins here. ◆ Tasty toast pops up ● With the power of 900 W, the outer side is full-bodied, and the inside quickly baked the delicious toast of fluffy. Adjustment with stepless adjustment knob to your liking. It corresponds to even 4 thick cut pan from 10 pieces cut. ◆ You can also unzip and warm up bagels and muffins with "One side bake function" ● It is useful when you want to bake only one side of bagel or muffin cut in half as well as toast. In addition, "thawing" and "rewarming" functions are also carried. ◆ "Extra lift" function makes it easy to take out toast ● The pop-up toast becomes easier to remove from the slot by raising the lever. It is useful when the size of bread is small. ◆ Easy to clean with a pullout scrap ● Pull out the trash receiving tray at the bottom and discard the breadcrumb easily. ◆ Dust cover with cover ● If you do not use it, cover it to prevent dust from entering the slot.