Farberware Open Hearth Broiler & Rotisserie

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Brand: Farberware

Color: stainless steel


  • Farberware

Details: THE SECRET of the "OPEN HEARTH" NO SMOKE OR SPATTER The secret is as old as cooking itself ... AIR - Air circulating around the cooking meat allows the meat to "breathe." We call it the "Cool Zone" method. It gives steaks, hamburgers, hot dogs, chops, chicken, and even roasts (when you use the Rotisserie unit) a flavor everyone loves. Remember your FARBERWARE Broiler needs no hood, no enclosure, that tends to draw up moisture and dry out meat. Natural juices are sealed in, only the fat is drained off, assuring less loss of meat nutrients and more flavorful, healthful meals. The FARBERWARE exclusive "Cool Zone" method means smokeless, spatterless cooking. You are hardly aware meat is cooking. You can broil your meat right at the table. Unlike conventional electric broilers, FARBERWARE'S heating element is below the grill, eliminating smoke and heat. In addition, a specially designed aluminum drip tray absorbs and disperses heat evenly, eliminating spatter. EVERYTHING ... from the classic hot dog to a hearty roast ... TASTES BETTER. From The Gallery of Masterpieces 1966