Frying Pan with Thermometer, 11.6 Inch Aluminum Non Sticking Deep Frying Wok Pan, Saute Pan with Timer, Non Stick Skillet with Lid, Diamond Induction Cookware, Saute Pan with Lid, Non Stick Giddle

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Brand: KKA

Color: Black


  • 【Visualized Temperature & Time】The new non sticking frying pan with a digital display has the functions of thermometer and timer to help you accurately control the food temperature and cooking time, greatly reduce the generation of harmful substances and kitchen smoke caused by excessive temperature when frying, and reduce the probability of food nutrition damage, and retain the original flavor & nutrition of food.
  • 【Cast Aluminum】Made of high-quality aluminum alloy by die casting, with great thermal conductivity, the non sticking frying wok pan can be heated quickly and evenly.The surface layer of the enamel has the characteristics of high hardness, scratch resistance and non stick. Residues can be wiped down easily. The body has radian, which makes flip more smooth. There are 2 diversion ports on the left and right of the frying wok pan.
  • 【Professional Steak Pan】The nonstick frying pan can be used as a grill pan / griddle to cook steak. The wide flat bottom is specially designed for fry steak and other meat. We know that for people who often eat steak, the steak doneness can be easily perceived by them, so a timer and thermometer are integrated into the ordinary frying pan to more accurately control the steak doneness for steak lovers.
  • 【Multiple Cooking Methods】The nearly 12 inches deep frying wok pan with lid are designed for all kinds of cooking methods, making omelettes, sautéing steaks, french fries, simmering soups, sautéing vegetables and more with ease. Meet the various needs of the whole family to boil, saute, steam,and shallow fry food.(NOTE: CANNOT be put into the oven, microwave oven or other confined space for heating, only for bottom heating)
  • 【Compatible with Varied Stoves】The nonstick frying wok pan is suitable for induction, gas, glass, ceramic and electric stoves. Heat evenly and quickly. (NOTE: ONLY for manual cleaning. DON'T PUT IT INTO OVEN / MICROWAVE OVEN. It cannot be placed in a closed device for heating, only for bottom heating)