GRETD Cookware Set with Glass Lid Induction Bottom Stainless Steel Body Saucepan for Household

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Brand: GRETD


  • Include 4 cooking pans with their respetivas tops from glass.
  • Manufactured in stainless steel 201, with a studied thickness 0,35mm. for an effective and fast hot distribution.
  • Dimensions are ideal: DIA 16x9,5; DIA 18x10,5; DIA 20x11,5 and DIA 24x13,5 cms. AND their capabilities, 1,9 L; 2,7 L; 3,5 L; and 5,1 Liters, ideal.
  • Features a spectacular Tote and gear knobs in look copper, for a body Chrome, with the detail three elegant lines satiny.
  • Tops are for exhaust valve steamer, and being CRYSTAL, you can keep watch the bake no need unclog.