Haimmy Ice Cream Maker, 700ml Automatic Gelato Machine with 2 Modes One-touch Operation, No Pre-Freezing Required, Keep Cool Fuction, Homemade Soft Serve Ice Cream Dessert Maker

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Color: White


  • 【No Pre-Freezing Required】:Utilizes an advanced built-in upgrad semiconductor refrigeration chips which optimizes the power to achieve fast freezing effect and prolongs the service life.
  • 【Keep Cool Function】: To maintain fresh taste and texture of ice cream, the machine will automatically keep cool if the ice cream is not eaten or stored in time (Max Lasting time: 4 hour).
  • 【Easy Operation】: There are 2 operation modes to satisfy your needs of making different types of desserts. The Haimmy ice cream maker allows you to make various delicious homemade desserts in maximum 90 minutes. One button operation, even child can make yummy ice cream.
  • 【Family Size Capacity】: You can make 700ml ice cream one time, about 3 cups yogurt or 6 gelato balls or 4 ice cream waffles etc,. Enjoy an ice cream party with your family.
  • 【Safe and Practical】: The food grade smooth and dense coating makes the ice cream less likely to stick to the machine walls.The smooth ABS surface makes the daily maintenance is easy to finish with a wet towel.

Details: Start Your Dessert Journey in A Snap! Being able to play around with trying to make healthier versions of ice cream that you have full control over in terms of ingredients and sweetness. You could imagine making different gourmet flavors for dinner party, with various flavors that the guests can choose from, then topping the ice cream with a choice of berries, fruits, nuts, crispy waffles, whipped cream, honey, maple syrup, chocolate syrup. BONUS Recipe Book The included recipe book features a variety of flavors to create with the Haimmy Homemade Ice Cream Maker. You can also add in your favorite ingredients during the mixing process through the see-through lid to make a fabulous frozen treat. Once the timer countdown is complete, the 4-hour Keep Cool cycle begins to keep your ice cream or gelato nice and cool. Choose Your Own Taste It depends on the recipe and the volume of the dessert or drink you are making. If you desire a firmer consistency, you could just leave it in the soft ice cream machine ( since the ice cream freezer remains cooling continually after timer countdown is complete ) or transfer the dessert or drink to an airtight container and store in the freezer for two or more hours. Just Right for Family Serves two to three people, depending on the serving size. This soft serve ice cream machine for home is perfect for making a family serving of ice cream or soft serve