Handmade Embossed Copper Cookware Sets, Traditional Copper Cookware, Dinnerware, Copper Cookware (Set of 3)

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Brand: Siviss

Color: Copper


  • # "3 Pieces of Cookware Sets with Lids" We make our pots, which are completely handmade and made of 100% copper, one by one with embossed patterns.
  • # It is tinned inside. Tin Plating Application - Pure copper has been applied to the inner surfaces of your copper containers to keep them healthy. It is a special workmanship called "Kalaylama" (verb) and "Kalaycılık" (noun) in Turkish. Thanks to this method, the inner surface turns into a "bright silver" color and you can safely use your product for a long time.
  • # It has brass handles.
  • # Our prices vary according to weight and pattern workmanship.