Hawkins Futura Non-Stick Cookware Set, 3 Pieces (QS4)


Color: Black


  • Made with a unique patented process
  • High quality non-stick coating
  • Locked firmly into the tough hard anodised surface underneath
  • Lasts longer than ordinary non-stick Conducts heat fast and evenly Color: Black, Material: Non-Stick
  • Package Contents: 1-Piece Futura Non-Stick Flat Tawa (26cm), 1-Piece Futura Non-Stick All-Purpose Pan (2.5 Litres), 1-Piece Futura Non-Stick Deep-Fry Pan (2 Litres), 1-Piece Stainless Steel Lid

Details: Cookware Set to Fulfil All Your Cooking Needs The Hawkins Futura non stick cookware set can help you conveniently cook a full meal. It includes a 26cm non-stick flat tawa for making Indian breads like rotis and parathas, a 2.5L non-stick all purpose pan for cooking vegetables and a 2L non-stick deep fry pan for frying various food items. All the pans come with a steel lid to help you cook faster. All the handy pieces included in the Hawkins Futura non stick cookware set look stylish in their black exterior. Durable and Long Lasting Cookware Each unit in the Hawkins non stick cookware set has German non-stick coating, which refrains food items from sticking to the surface of the tawa or pans. Their surfaces are made of a tough and hard anodised material, making them durable enough to endure everyday use. Offering fast and uniform heat distribution, the Hawkins 3 piece cookware set ensures that your food gets cooked evenly and in lesser time. All the contents of the Hawkins QS4 cookware set have convenient-to-hold handles for a firm grip and easy handling while lifting the pan or tawa off the stove. Brand: Hawkins Includes: One Futura non-stick flat tawa, one Futura non-stick all-purpose pan, one Futura non-stick deep-fry pan and lid Colour: Black Materials: Non-stick coating, hard anodised material and stainless steel Feature: Ergonomic handles for a firm grip Fast and even heat conduction All-Purpose Pan Capacity: 2.5L Deep-Fry Pan Capacity: 2L Diameter of the Tawa: 26cm