Huanyu Electric Coffee Bean Grinder 250G Commercial&Home Milling Grinding Machine 200W Automatic Burr Grinder Professional Miller 8 Fine - Coarse Grind Size Settings Stainless Steel Cutter Pulverizer

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Brand: Huanyu

Color: Red


  • [ANTI-JUMPING BEANS HOPPER]: The anti-jumping bean design of bean bin can avoid the problem of beans flying out during grinding.
  • [WITH A SPECIAL MOTOR]: High performance and high efficiency, to ensure the long-term and stable operation of the grinder, and the sound of the grinder is very low.
  • [DIRECTLY POUR IN THE BEANS]: High-quality steel knife, do not worry about the problem of stuck beans, do not need to turn on first, directly pour in and grind beans.
  • [8 GEAR REGULATION]: There are up to 8 gears for adjusting the thickness and fineness, 1 is the finest and 8 is the thickest, which caters to the various needs of all coffee lovers.
  • [ORIGINAL TASTE]: Grind beans quickly, and during the process, it is not easily heat up, so the taste of coffee won’t be affected.