IRIS OHYAMA Hot Air Oven"Re; Cook" FVX-M3B-S (SILVER)【Japan Domestic Genuine Products】【Ships from Japan】

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Color: Silver

Details: Product features ★ It is a healthy Tikkiku hot air oven equipped with steam function. ● Skipping excess moisture on the surface of the ingredients, outside is crisp! Inside is juicy. ◆ Even though it is tasty, it cuts calorie drastically ● The secret is high speed hot air cooking that does not deep fried with oil. ● He does not fry with oil, because it extra oil is also moderately dropped! ● It heats uniformly with high-speed hot air, so it's delicious though it is early. ◆ Steam function to a savory toast ● Set Water Tray and just add water! ● It gives moisture with steam, outside is crispy, inside is softly baked. ◆ The secret of automatic cooking is a temperature sensor. ● Even if the quantity changes, it automatically detects the temperature of ingredients and controls it. ◆ 4 pieces of toast, inside the wide warehouse ● Recommended for whole family members and high-quality dishes. ◆ Easy to clean ● Oil treatment is unnecessary, so cook easily. ● Because it does not use oil, smell while cooking is drastically reduced! ※ ★ ★ Detailed description By "Newsbridge" ★ ★ ※