IRIS OHYAMA Mirror oven toaster (Horizontal type) MOT-011

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Brand: IRIS OHYAMA, Inc.

Details: Product features ★ It is a design toaster that is familiar with kitchens and rooms in mirror glass style. ★ It is a type in which the grill net is sticking out, and it is a structure that makes it easier to take cooking items in the back. ★ Thermal power adjustment can be set in 4 stages, and it corresponds to various menus such as toast, rice cake, frozen pizza etc. as well. ★ Container convenient for cooking, with breadcrumb tray easy to clean. ★ Timer setting of up to 15 minutes is possible. ◆ Mirror style oven toaster ● The shiny and luxurious impression is given to the front side of the body with mirror gloss based on white and the mirror style. ◆ Excellent design and function ● Normally you can not see inside the cabinet with a mirror surface, it has a chic and luxurious design. You can check inside while using the inside of the bright room. ◆ Inside the spacious room ● Two pieces of bread bake side by side. When you open the door the grill nets come out in front, so it is easy to take cooked items out. ◆ 4 stages of thermal power control ● Switchable to 220 W / 500 W / 720 W / 1000 W possible. You can easily adjust the heating power according to the menu. With a timer of maximum 15 minutes. ◆ Bread crumb tray included ● The breadcrumbs collected at the bottom can be easily cleaned by pulling out the tray quickly. ◆ With convenient saucer ● It helps cooking such as pizza with plenty of cheese, foods with high oil content. (● Receiver size: about 21.5 × 24.5 cm)