Kaleido Sniper M2 Coffee Roaster (50-400g), Commercial Electric Heating Coffee Roasting with Temperature Curve & Chaff Collector for Home Use

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Brand: Kaleido sniper

Color: black


  • ☕️【Electric Heating System】Heated by carbon fiber infrared electric tube, the surface of the heating tube can instantly rise to 500°C. Meanwhile, Kaleido Sniper M2 uses independent cooling system. It can be cooled quickly in 2-3 minutes.
  • ☕️【Touch Screen Operation panel】Full touch screen operation without any industrial buttons. The temperature curve will record every taste you like. It’s friendly to novice.
  • ☕️【Sampler for Sync-Observation】Patented by horizontal sampler, it’s convenient to pick up beans to master the roasting effect. The optimal capacity of a single roasting is 50g-300g and the maximum is 400g.
  • ☕️【Antomatic Chaff Collection System】Kaleido Sniper M2 has a patent on chaff collection. This invention can effectively avoid the accumulation of Chaff dirt clogging phenomenon, easy to clean.
  • ☕️【High RPM & Low Smoke Emission】Kaleido Sniper M2 has a high speed drum and a built-in smoke extraction system to maximize the reduction of smoke emission.

Details: Kaleido Sniper M2 Pure Electric Heating Coffee Roaster Specification: Material: 304 Stainless Steel Optimum Capacity: 50g-300g Rated Voltage: Input - AC 110V Output - DC 12V 800W Time of Roasting: 4-15 minutes Heating: Pure electric heating. The surface of the heating tube can instantly rise to 500°C Cooling: It takes 2-3 minutes to cool down instantly Chaff Collection: Automatic Collection Device Operative Method: Touch Screen Operation Panel Product Size: 45 * 25 * 36 cm Product Net Weight: 12kg Attention Please: 1. Please stayed beside during roasting to avoid excessive heating and burning of coffee beans due to no supervision. 2. Please stir the bean bin while heating to avoid deformation of the drum due to excessive heat on one side of the bean bin. 3. After the roasting is completed, please turn on the "Stir" and "Discharge Smoke", and wait until the wind temperature is reduced to below 50°C before powering off the machine.