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Color: Natural


  • The reason why this mold is expensive: the material used is thicker than other brands, and the thermal conductivity is better! The inner side is manually hot-dip tinned, and the durability is 7-10 times stronger than that of electroplating.
  • A more refined look: Super refined! Definitely not cheap to compare.
  • Very cute styling: Bring more sophistication and beautification to your life.
  • More: You can also get more desserts like pudding or mousse.
  • EASY TO USE: Uses less natural edible wax or butter and has excellent non-stick properties. Less baking time and low energy consumption. Easier to demold and easier to clean.

Details: More: You can also get more desserts like pudding or mousse.Name: Canele MouldMaterial: Solid copper with tin plated insideSpecifications: 1Size: 55X55mmWeight: about 83gOrigin: FranceThere may be some deviations in the size, please forgive me, it will not affect the use, thank you~Precautions for use:1. Before the first use, please clean the mold with detergent.2. After use, please wipe off the water vapor and store it thoroughly after drying. It is best to oil and wrap in a kitchen towel before storing.3. It is recommended to apply oil or edible wax for better demoulding effect.4. Do not scrub the mold with hard cleaning tools.5. Do not use in dishwashers, tableware dryers, microwave ovens, etc.Thank you for coming~