KRUPS XP3208 15-BAR Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Coffee Maker, 1.5-Liter, Black

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Brand: KRUPS

Color: Black and Silver


  • 15 BAR PUMP ESPRESSO for improved flavor extraction with no bitterness
  • MANUAL SELECTION for ultimate control over the final results
  • STEAM NOZZLE for sumptuous and creamy cappuccinos
  • REMOVABLE 1.5 Liter Water tank for easy filling
  • CUP WARMER on top to add a professional touch to your home Espresso experience

Details: The KRUPS Ohio espresso machine delivers outstanding espresso straight to your cup in no time, with manual control for custom results, an aluminum boiler with advanced technology for a rapid heat-up time, and 15-Bar pump pressure for professional-quality flavor extraction and aroma. The steam nozzle produces cappuccino frothed to perfection, While a set of enhanced features improve THE home espresso experience. HOW TO OPERATE A XP3208 ESPRESSO MAKER Fill up water tank Plug in the XP3208 Flip the switch on side of the XP3208 to on Make sure the button on the front of maker is in the out position to make espresso. Wait for the espresso light to come on. Now ready to make espresso. Fill up the 1 or 2 cup espresso basket. The 2 cup being used here. Pack down the espresso Turn the dial to the espresso cup icon setting to make espresso. Espresso being made 2 cups of espresso made with perfect crema on top. Temperature of espresso in the espresso cup. To make steam. Push the button in. Wait for steam light to come on Turn the dial to the steam icon to produce steam Steam is being produce.