KUVINGS WHOLE SLOW JUICER JSG-721R (Red)【Japan Domestic genuine products】

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Brand: Kuvings

Color: Red

Details: Product features ★ With "KUVINGS WHOLE SLOW JUICER" becoming easier to use, you can taste the concentrated fresh juice. ★ Simply improved drums can be assembled and removed, as well as easy to clean. ◆ A wide slot can be thrown entirely without cutting the material, shortening the preparation time and extracting time, and maintaining the original nutrition and taste of the material. ◆ Juice can be squeezed without stress due to strong rotational force of self-developed juicer dedicated motor. ◆ It is a new stone-milled J.M.C.S technology that does not give frictional heat or shock to the material, minimizing loss of nutrients and drinking the original juice of fresh ingredients. ◆ Just by inserting a strainer into the rotating brush and rotating it while applying water, you can easily wash the fiber that adheres to the strainer to the corner and you can drink delicious juice every day. ● Upgraded screws and drums increase squeezing rate! ● Spreading port extended to 75 mm ● Smart Juicer of 3 roles in 1 unit: ① Juicer / ② Frozen dessert / ③ Smoothie ● To make cold press of low speed squeeze more efficient ● Improved smart cap design. Remove it so that it can be washed and cleaner ● A rotating brush was attached so that the strainer could be cleaned easily ● Cooling system to prevent overheating ● Safety design to prevent malfunction ● Environmentally friendly material BPA - FREE ● Bass design ※ ◆ Detailed description: Newsbridge