Li Bai Shawarma Machine Kebab Grill Gas Vertical Broiler Gyro Meat Rotisserie with 2 Burner for Restaurant Home Garden(Registered Design Patent)

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Brand: Li Bai

Color: silver


  • --- Reposeful cover pole machine,rotate smoothly and powerfully without noise.It can be rotated for a long time. With a nozzle for propane gas.(Registered Design Patent)

Details: Technical Specification: Material: Stainless Steel Voltage:110V/60Hz Gas:LPG/NG Weight: 5 kg Shipping Weight:8 kg Dimension: 295 x 270 x 490mm Operation Instruction: 1.Check if the power supply voltage is consistent with the product voltage,and whether user’s power switch and fuse are in conformity with the request of machine’s power. 2. Clean the machine, and place the meat onto the holder. 3. Turn on the switch. 4. Wait a few minutes , and you will get the perfect meat. Notice: 1.It is forbidden to put the tinder and explosive nearby the machine, and keep it in the environment with the superior ventilation. 2.All operations should ensure the safety of the situation, if failure occurs on the machine, which must be repaired immediately. 3.All the service and maintenance operation must be carried out after the power supply is cut off. 4.If there is some trouble in gas nozzles, do not dismount the machine,and contact our customer service to repair. 5.6 months international seller warranty is valid for customers. 6.It is easy anf directly use with Methane gas , only need to change the valve if you want to use with Natural Gas. 7.Feel free to contact us if you have any question, at your service.