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Meyer KAT-3.0BK Low Pressure Cooker, 7.9 inches (20 cm), 1.8 gal (3.0 L), Stainless Steel, Glass Lid, Induction Compatible, 3-Layer Bottom, Black, Authentic Japanese Product

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Brand: マイヤー(Meyer)

Color: Black (Black 19-3911tcx)


  • Total length 12.6 inches (318 cm), depth 9.1 inches (232 cm), body height 4.4 inches (113 cm), knob height 6.7 inches (170

Details: Apply the moderate pressure of about 2 kPa, and the seal on the lid maintains its confidentiality and maintains a boiling state with less energy. (3-layer bottom construction, compatible with all heat sources) The bottom has a 3-layer structure that is compatible with various heat sources. High electromagnetic efficiency for quick heating and efficient cooking (*Not for microwave use) The lid is made of full tempered glass, so you can see the condition of the ingredients inside. You can open the lid and tasting it while cooking, so you can prevent food failure. The pressure adjustment valve to release excess pressure and open and close the lid easily with a single touch by picking the open close button.