Nestle Capsule Type Coffee Maker"Dolce Gusto LUMIO" MD9777-DR (DARK RED)【Japan Domestic genuine products】

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Brand: Nestle

Details: ◆ Since each cup is brewed in capsule form, the quality of coffee is not impaired (it does not oxidize), and you can always enjoy the taste and aroma of freshly brewed coffee. ◆ You can enjoy fine crema (foam) by high-pressure extraction of up to 15 atm. ◆ Since it has an auto stop function that automatically stops extraction, anyone can easily operate it. ◆ Easy to clean after use by simply washing the capsule holder. ◆ You can see the amount of water in the water tank. ◆ With power auto-off function (1 minute), you will not forget to turn off the power. ■ Specifications ■ Color: Dark red Capacity: 1000ml Body size: Width 17.6 x Depth 22.2 x Height 36.8cm Weight: 2.7kg Power consumption: 1460W * Dedicated capsules are sold separately. It is not attached to the main body.