Newhai Commercial Toaster Bread Baking Machine 6 Slices 0.6 Inch Slot for Restaurant 110V

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Brand: Newhai



  • 0.6 INCH WIDE SLOT--- The width of the slot is 0.6 inches, which is suitable for slices of bread of average thickness and sufficient for daily needs. Please do not put in too thick bread. Not suitable for bagels!!!And the inside adopts the surrounding double-sided baking technology, which can heat the bread evenly.
  • 5 TOAST SHADE SETTINGS--- From light gold to deep dark, from soft to crisp, you have five temperature control options. Choosing from 1(light) to 5(dark) gear according to your preferences, you can make different bread with various sauces.
  • SATISFY DIVERSE NEEDS--- The stainless steel toaster has a quantity selection key and a timing button. You can choose different pieces and baking time according to your needs. And its wide slots are suitable for bread of different widths.
  • POWERFUL AND HIGH EFFICIENCY---2500W powerful 6-slice toaster 110V. The high power enables fast-baking, so you can prepare breakfast in minutes. And with 6 slices toaster it’s no longer to wait for a long time to prepare the breakfast. Triple speeds than the 2- slice toaster.
  • EASY TO CLEAN--- There is a pull-out removable crumb tray at the bottom of the toaster, which can collect the bread crumbs together, so it’s very convenient and hygienic to pull it out and clean the bread crumbs.