NITRO KAFO 0.5L Cold Brew Mason Jar Coffee Maker and Nitro Coffee Maker kit - Stainless Steel Filter, Durable Glass, 100% Recyclable Aluminium Bottle with Stainless Steel Parts, 1 Pint/0.5L

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Brand: Impeccable Culinary Objects (ICO)


  • Creamy Cold Brew Coffee Without the Cream - Get the velvety smooth creamy texture of dairy without the dairy by infusing coffee with nitrogen gas using NITRO KAFO Nitro Cold Brew Maker and N2 cartridges. The micro bubbles from the nitrogen give your coffee a sweet flavor without sugar and frothy, cascading, velvety crema without the calories! Start making your own Nitro Coffee at home!
  • Nitro Coffee Machine - Made from 100% Aluminum and carefully designed to be durable and comfortable for daily use. It is fully rust resistant, lightweight, and environmentally friendly as aluminum is infinitely recyclable. This Nitro Infuser has a 1 pint capacity, each batch made can serve around two to three nitro infused coffees at a time and it can be stored in the fridge to keep contents fresh and ready to use at any time. Use with N2 Cartridges (Not Included).
  • Durable Coffee Cold Brew Maker - our mason jar cold brew coffee maker is a wide mouth Ball and Kerr mason jar made from durable leak-free glass with a 28oz capacity. The high quality fine-mesh, double, stainless steel cold brew filter is extremely sturdy, preventing coffee grounds from entering the jar and large enough to hold up to 1 cup of coffee grounds, depending on the desired strength of cold brew.
  • Nitro Nozzle - Being the most important part for the perfect pour, tumbling effect and head retention, our stainless steel Nitro Nozzle is designed to dispense cold brew with nitrogen. It is intentionally narrow and contains an internal metal restrictor or diffuser disc with 5 small holes. This creates a properly gentle pour which releases the nitrogen from the coffee and produces a slow cascading effect and settling process in the glass to obtain a dense, creamy, cascading head.
  • Easy To Use - Steep coffee or tea for 12 hours in the glass cold brew maker, pour cold brew, tea, beer, milk or other drink into Nitro Kafo, inject with one N2 charger, shake, and pour yourself a velvety drink to enjoy. You can keep the cold brew maker with your preparation in the fridge for up to 5 days and the Nitro Kafo for up to 2 weeks. Both cold brew infuser and Nitro Kafo are dishwasher safe. Not recommended with the use of N2O chargers as results are drastically different!

Details: Our Nitro Cold brew system consists of a cold brew maker glass or iced coffee maker and the Nitro Kafo, a nitro cold brew dispenser to infuse nitrogen in the cold brewed coffee or any other cold beverage. Infusing beverages with nitrogen at high pressure through gas chargers, instantly introduces micro bubbles to any liquid to give it a velvety smooth creamy texture and a natural sweet flavor without the need to add dairy or sweeteners. Nitro Kafo is designed for home kitchens, restaurants and bars to easily create nitro-infused drinks with a creamy distinct quality without requiring the installation of machinery or large gas canisters.