NitroPress Nitro Cold Brew Maker And Dispenser, Nitro Machine, Cold Brew Kit with 40 Nitro Chargers

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Brand: Hatfields London


  • VERSATILE USES: The frothy, velvety smooth creamy texture of dairy can be added to any drink you please - without the dairy and also zero calories with our nitro coffee maker. Patented high pressure nitro nozzle comes with 1 Year Warranty for a perfect cold coffee maker.
  • SOOTHING DRINKS EVERY TIME: Nitro creamer with our pure nitrogen infused cartridges, the microbubbles giving every drink a smooth, velvety finish every time you use it for a perfect nitro brew coffee home experience, we also provide cool brew coffee.
  • TRULY PORTABLE: An elegant way to infuse nitrogen into any cold brew, coffee, tea, beer, milk and anything else you can think of, this makes our product amazing all in one system. No plugs and the fact it's countertop friendly means you can make a cold brew nitro when you want it. The fully stainless steel and dishwasher safe design makes the product easy and simple to clean and maintain.
  • BARISTA FRIENDLY: Batch made cocktails with speed and efficiency. Serve two coffee's or up to four cocktails in one hit, this creates a perfect cold brew coffee kit, this product is suitable for baristas. Fits three cartridges: pure nitrogen (N2) is recommended for drinks CO2 carbon dioxide for carbonated and fizzy drinks, upgrade your lifestyle whilst saving money with our affordable luxury nitro cold brew coffee kit.
  • KEEP DRINKS REFRESHING: Store in the fridge and keep contents fresh and have them ready to use at any time. Used to flavour and infuse with all natural ingredients cinnamon sticks, mint leaves, cacao nibs etc.

Details: The NitroPress by Hatfields London. Create instant nitro infused coffee and cocktails. The NitroPress is a product innovation that can infuse a whole range of cold beverages with pure nitrogen. Designed for busy kitchens and bars, nitro infusion creates drinks with a smooth velvety texture without the usual complexities of requiring machinery, installation and large gas canisters. A professional grade solution for nitro infused coffee, cocktails, tea and more. Designed especially for use with our innovative NitroPress N2 Chargers. The NitroPress is the most portable solution for nitro beverages infused to perfection. Designed for busy kitchens, cafes and bars - Zero Calories - Make Your Favorite Beverage Frothy & Smooth. - Vegan - Paleo & Keto Diet Friendly - Portable and Elegant (Barista can Serve with Coffee or Cocktail) - Minimal Counterspace vs Larger Full Draft System Machines) - Perfect Cascading Cold Brew (Make Stout Beer) - Low Acidity, Ideal for those who Love Cold Brew - Use on Matcha, Herbal Teas, Coffees, Alcohol