NOONCHIHOME 100 Percent Bamboo Cutting Board with 4 Sliding Drawer Trays and lips. Complete Set for Kitchen, Large 17.22 x 12.15 x 3.05 inches with Handles. Lightweight, Easy to Clean

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Color: Multi-function Cutting Board


  • * 100% BAMBOO CUTTING BOARD with 4 sliding drawer trays makes food preparation so much faster and easier. Helps you keep sliced and chopped foods organized. Great for salads, fruit trays, and creating all your favorite recipes. Stylish real wood goes with any kitchen or decor.
  • * PLENTY OF SPACE for watermelon, a pile of vegetables, large pieces of meat and much more. This big cutting board is 16" x 10.5" and 3.5" thick. Use on both sides. You will never feel cramped or have foods falling off onto the counter or floor.
  • * 4 BUILT-IN SLIDING DRAWER TRAYS are an ingenious innovation that lets you organize all the ingredients and foods you're cutting, slicing, and dicing. Made of clear plastic that lets you see the foods inside. Pull a drawer out, slide foods into it, then pull out completely when you're ready to carry the foods elsewhere.
  • * RENEWABLE RESOURCE that is very friendly to Earth's ecology. Bamboo grows quickly and plentifully everywhere in the world. It's a wonderful wood that fully protects your counters, won't harm your knives, and is easy to clean under running water. It's lightweight weighing just 6.3 pounds.
  • * GREAT GIFT IDEA for birthday, holiday, anniversary or wedding gift. Lots of people are buying several of these to help organize their kitchen and food preparation projects. Get yours now while we have it in plentiful supply. This new improved version is selling quickly.
  • * Dishwasher Safe : Change the Tray with Lip to reinforced plastic, Dishwasher available, BPA free, Environment material

Details: 100% BAMBOO CUTTING BOARD with 4 Sliding Drawer Trays, a smart new innovation from JINIMADE. You get the amazing convenience of a premium cutting board with trays that slide in and out like clear, see-through drawers. Slice foods and slide them into a tray for easy organization. Helps you keep ingredients separate and secure for faster food preparation with far less hassle. The cutting board is 17.22" x 12.15" x 3.05" thick. The trays are 11.8" x 3.7" x 2.1". They can hold a lot of food. The entire cutting board is easy to move with the built-in handles. It's lightweight and easy to clean under running water. Weighs just 6.3 pounds. Bamboo is a renewable resource that is food safe and healthy for the planet. PRODUCT FEATURES: JINIMADE 100% Bamboo Cutting Board Features 4 Sliding Drawer Trays Essential improved accessory for kitchen Large board is 17.22" x 12.15" x 3.05" Trays are 11.8" x 3.7" x 2.1" Cutting board is usable on both sides Built-in recessed handles for easy carry Lightweight 6.3 pounds Easy to care for with low maintenance Wipe clean or rinse under running water Bamboo is plentiful renewable resource Reduces carbon footprint Good for the environment GET YOURS NOW while we have a fresh shipment in stock. Many customers love this cutting board system so much they return to buy another. This makes a much appreciated gift for friends, family, and co-workers - anyone who enjoys food preparation.