Panasonic Hand Blender Black MX-S300-K

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Brand: Panasonic

Details: Product Description ◆ while circulating the food in tightly cutting & agitation "four blade blender cutter" sub blade fibrous vegetables and fruits, because the finely cut with a straight blade, such as a smooth finish smoothies and soups. In the pot as well, you can direct cooking (※) is. ※ glass container (heat resistance, including reinforcing), can not be used in fragile container such as pottery and ceramics. ◆ "2 action switch" mechanism is pressed while sliding the erroneous operation prevention "Child Lock & 2 action switch" main switch, was considered so switch does not turn on inadvertently. Furthermore, since the can securely lock the switch in the "Child Lock", and when not in use, to prevent erroneous operation, such as when the attachment mounting / removal. ◆ by can cooking that is suitable for material in the regulation of motor rotation speed "speed control dial," "speed adjustment dial", you can adjust the rotation speed stepless from high speed to low speed to match the food. For example, when you make a smoothie and juice, vegetables and citrus, cutting of hard fruit such as apples and persimmons, high-speed rotation is to increase sales is, soft fruit of cutting, as the stirring is recommended low-speed rotation. ◆ cut and meat of minced vegetables can be "chopper attachment" ◆ can whisk and meringue making cream "whisk attachment"