Panasonic: NEW Home bakery (One Loaf of Bread Type) SD-BMS106-NW Champagne White (Japan Import) by Panasonic NATIONAL

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Brand: Panasonic NATIONAL

Color: White


  • The power supply operates by 100V.

Details: Roast puffily during one year and - "ソイス corn course" of about 60% of "yeast automatic injection" "製 bread program according to room temperature" - non-fibrous-carbohydrates OFF, "pan ド ミコース" loading <> color: which flavor backing つ食パン of the "boiled rice French bread course" loading - wheat of oil-and-fats zero can burn -- champagne white <> 1 kin type <> main part size: -- width 24.1x depth 30.4x34.5-cm<> weight: -- [ in height ] about 6.2 kg<> power consumption / heater: -- 370W, motor:80W (50 Hz) / 75 (60 Hz) <> chord length: -- about 1.0 m