Pn Astum AL Black Pearl Neo Pressure Cooker 4.4L for 8 People

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Brand: [Pn]

Color: Black


  • Luxurious Black Pearl color added the beauty of Pressure cooker.
  • As Pungyeon pressure cooker has excellent pressure, it will revive a taste when cooking and The less nutrient loss creat best taste.
  • Handle:The ergonomic handle allows pressure cooker to be open and closed conveniently.
  • Safety Device : It can be used with confidence with Safeguards of 5.

Details: How to use the pressure cooker 1. Less than Middle heat is advised with Gas fire when cooking. 2. About 12minutes should be passed before Pendulum move. 3. In case of Steeped rice,3minutes should be lessened before Pendulum move. 4. Give 10 minutes for steaming. 5. In case of Rice quantiy being large, Use Strong heat and Warm water. 6. In case of brown rice,After Steeping rice a little bit and then pouring a little more water into the Cooker than regular rice, Start with below middle heat. Product Features 1. Scientific cooking 2. Healthy and natural color 3. Safety thinker 4. Saving energy 5. Step 5 safety device Product Specifications Material :Aluminum Composition : Pressure Pot, Pressure Lid Capacity : 4.4L for 8 people ( 365+ 240+205mm) Manufacturer : PN The oridin of Product : South Korea