PN Poong Nyun HNHPC-08(IH) New Hiklad IH Hive Pressure Cooker, 4.5L, 8 Servings

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Brand: PN Poong Nyun

Color: silver


  • Excellent thermal conductivity and heat retention with IH capable 3-ply capsulated bottom.
  • Made out of stainless steel using a hot rolling method that bonds several plates of metal in 300-400 Celsius temperature
  • Belly shaped design helps evenly distribute heat to help retain nutritional value and reduce cooking time
  • Durable and heat resistant side handles
  • Manufacturered in South Korea
  • Included components: Pressure Lid, Pressure Cooker

Details: PN Poong Nyun Hi Klad IH Hive is a stainless steel pressure cooker that is easy to use and efficient. The Hi Klad IH Hive products have 3 ply capsulated bottoms that help transfer heat at a faster rate and reduce cooking time. HI Clad IH Hive products were made with a belly shaped design to help evenly distribute heat to retain nutritional value and reduce cooking time.