PN Poong Nyun PSPC-18C New Black Pearl 4 Cups Pressure Cooker (4 units)

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Brand: PN Poong Nyun


  • Specialized Natural Looking Coating
  • Smooth and Long Lasting Aluminum Alloy Material
  • Pressure Level Indicator to visually display levels of interior pressure
  • Thermal Conductivity to up to 120 Celsius
  • Measurements Guides on the Inner Wall of Body for accurate measurement

Details: PN Poong Nyun's New Black Pearl Pressure Cookers are aluminum pressure cookers with air tight sealing and specialized coating to cook all types of food in a short period of time without the worry of food sticking. This pressure cooker also comes with a pressure level indicator to visually display the level of interior pressure and a 2 handle design for safe and easy opening and closing.