Portable Electric Coffee Maker, Travel Coffee Maker, 12V Rechargeable Mini Battery Espresso Machine, 20 Bar, Compatible with Starbucks, Nespresso & L'OR Capsules, for Camping, Office, Home

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Color: Black


  • ☕ EASY TO USE - It is easy to make a cup of 40-45 ml expresso coffee in a few minutes. JUSTUZE espresso machine operates automatically from one button. it performs both cold brew and warm brew. When using hot water, press the button for about 5 seconds and enjoy your cup of coffee. When using cold water, press the button for about 2 seconds, the machine will heat the water and extract the coffee in 10 minutes. Please refer to the product manual for guidance.
  • ☕ EASY TO CLEAN - You need just to wash the coffee cup, simply press the switch button for 5s to run the espresso machine without capsules, our programmable espresso machine portable will auto wash, very simple and convenient.
  • ☕ EASY TO CARRY - With its small size, our Single Cup 12v coffee maker allows you to make your own coffee wherever you are, you can pack it into a backpack, or in the trunk. it is the best coffee maker, very convenient for travel, driving, and camping. it is also an ideal gift for coffee lovers.
  • ☕ MULTI-FUNCTIONS - This travel gadget can boil water over 90 degrees. You don't need to plug the charging cable on a sector in order for the machine to function, our portable espresso coffee can use (12V 7A) car cable either to charge or to make coffee and home charger (12V 2A) for charging inside. A fully charged battery can make 3-4 cups of espresso with cold water and 200 cups with boiled water.
  • ☕ SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - While we are sure that you will love our small portable coffee bat if you are not completely satisfied you can contact us, we would be happy to solve your problem very quickly. Be sure, you will love our traveling coffee maker or our travel espresso maker.

Details: ☕ Specifications and Parameters Pressure 18bar Max Battery Capacity 28.47 WH Rated Voltage 12V Rated Power 56W Material Food Grade Plastic Size L82 x W77 x H252 (mm) Water Capacity 50ml Net Weight about 0.88kg Compatible With Nespresso / L'OR Capsules. Capacity of water cup 170 ml Charge Time 2.5 hours Suitable for Travel, Working, Flight, Outdoors Water Heating Temperature 194°F 90°C Coffee Temperature 158°F 70°C Heat Time 8-10min Lithium Battery 2600mAh ☕ How to use JUSTUZE coffee maker? Screw off the drinking cup. Turn over the appliance, open the capsule cup, and place the capsule of your favorite taste in the chamber. Install and screw down the capsule cup, turn over the appliance, install and screw down the drinking cup. Open the water tank cup, pour clean water (the water level shall not be over the maximum level), and then install and screw down the water tank cup. Press the button for about 2 seconds (when using cold water), release it once you hear one beeping sound. Now the appliance starts heating. After about 10 minutes, the water pump starts pumping. After pumping, the appliance makes four beeping sounds. Then the button indicator lamp turns green. Then one cup of fragrant coffee is made. Open the drinking cup to enjoy the espresso. When using boiled water, repeat steps 1-4. Then press the button for about 5 seconds, and release it once you hear two beeping sounds. The water pump starts pumping. After pumping, the machine makes four beeping sounds. The button indicator lamp turns green. The coffee is ready now.