Pots and Pans Set - Nonstick Kitchen Cookware + Bakeware Set Granite Kitchenware Set, Induction Cookware Sets with Frying Pan Stockpot Saucepan Basket Cookie Sheet and Baking Pans for Cooking Gift

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Color: Beige


  • 【Healthy Nonstick Pans and Pots Set】- The 33 piece kitchen pots and pans include a 9.5” frying pan, an 11" frying pan, a 5QT stockpot with lid, an 8QT stockpot, a 3QT saucepan with lid, 11 Kitchen utensils set, a storage bucket, a boundform pan, a round pan, a cookie sheet, a roaster pan+cooking pack, loaf pan, muffin pan and six sponges. The stylish cookware sets meet all your kitchen and family needs.
  • 【Safety Non-Stick Granite Coating】- The nonstick pans and pots set are made with a stone-derived nonstick coating inside out to deliver unprecedented nonstick performance - everything just slides right off with less oil & cleans up easily. The natural mineral nonstick coating is ultra-durable while remaining 100% free of PFOA, PTFA, lead, and cadmium.
  • 【No Bending or Popping Bakeware Set】- Incredibly durable bakeware; high quality and ultra durable carbon steel is superior to others; resists warping, popping, and bending, even in high temperatures, while helping to maintain even heat distribution for picture perfect results every time, rust and scratch resistant and designed to last a lifetime; do not use on broil or over an open flame.
  • 【Superior Quality】- Excellent thermal conduction is one of the benefits of Aluminum bakeware- provides for even heat distribution through the baking process. Oven is safe for up to 450°F. Great for amateur and advanced bakers alike! Have the Bakery in your kitchen! (Note: Bakelite of pans is not suitable for ovens)
  • 【Unique & Convenient Design】- The lid can be used in the frying pan or the soup pot, when you cook, you can watch the whole cooking process and master the progress of the whole cooking. The heat-resistant and anti-slip Ergonomic knob and handle are nice to grip, easy to maneuver, safe and anti-scald.

Details: White Pots and Pans set Nonstick Cookware Set Induction Pans for Cooking Pot Set Non-stick Cooking Set1. The transparent glass lid of pans set ​allows you to keep a close eye on the cooking progress while locking in the sharp flavours of the food without taking away moisture and nutrients.2. Made of premium aluminum alloy material combined with a magnetized base. The flat bottom design which allows the cookware to be placed evenly over a heat source.3. The biggest highlight is the ease to clean. No need to use a dishwasher, just a soft sponge or rag to remove grease stains. This not only makes cooking easier, but also more enjoyable.4. With the ergonomic soft touch wooden looking handles increases your comfort when using it.Pakeage Include:- 5 QT Pot with Lid (9.5") - 8 QT Pot with Lid (11") - 3 QT Covered Saucepan with Lid (7") - 9.5" Frying Pan - 11" Frying Pan - 12 Cooking Utensils Set- Round Pan (9.26"×2.2“)- Bundform Pan(9.8"×3.1") - Cookie Sheet(16.5"×12.4"×2.1")- Roaster Pan + Cooling Pack (14“×10”×1.1“ + 13.3”×8.3“)- Loaf Pan(11"×6"×2.4")- 12 Cup Muffin Pan(14"×10"×12")- 3 Scrub SpongeNotice:- Please remove the packing material and all the tags, clean with detergent or hot water, apply a thin layer of oil or other greases.- The frying pan features a thick, flat bottom with gently sloping sides.- Plastic or wooden tools are more suitable. Sharp tools will damage your pans during longtime use.- Use non-abrasive cleaning detergent.- Use a soft dishcloth instead of using metal wool or brush to wash cookware to avoid scratching.- Clean the cookware thoroughly after each use to avoid dirt accumulation, which would diminish the non-stick function.