Pressure Cooker 304 Stainless Steel Household Gas Induction Cooker General Thickening Pressure Cooker (28X22X19CM)

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Brand: SSGP

Color: Stainless Steel


  • 1: Applicable to families of all sizes and cooking capacities of all sizes. Our pressure cooker can provide healthy food in a shorter period of time (compared to traditional methods), whether it is preparing a temporary meal for a week or preparing meals for multiple people on holidays.
  • 2: Increase cooking speed by 60%-reduce cooking time while retaining valuable nutrition and flavor (compared to standard cooking methods).
  • 3: Innovative operating system-no risk, easy one-click opening and closing. (Ladies can easily operate) 100% all-steel pressure cooker, three-layer composite steel fast pressure cooker, 100KPA fast pressure design, gas induction cooker universal.
  • 4: The three-dimensional heating of the pressure cooker is evenly distributed and compatible with any stove, including induction stoves. The pressure cooker has a safe removable silicone ring and pressure valve. It can keep food healthy and hygienic.
  • 5: ISI certification, and confirm all international standards. Our pressure cooker uses the best quality stainless steel, a sturdy handle (smooth handle provides better grip) and a thick base to make your cookware safe and long-lasting.

Details: Pressure cooker 304 stainless steel household gas induction cooker universal thickened pressure cooker 2-4 people use Release nutrients, lock delicious, save energy and time, multi-purpose pot