Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine w/ PID Installed, Black

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Brand: Rancilio

Color: Black Updated 2020 w/ PID Installed


  • PID Accuracy: Digital temperature management offers higher accuracy, to-the-degree temperature control, and quicker recovery when brewing or steaming.
  • Pre-Infusion: Programmable infusion and dwell time makes shots easier to pull and more repeatable.
  • Shot Timer: Set and save your ideal shot time for consistent espresso.
  • Prosumer Components: The Silvia's survivor status is built on a steel case, solid brass boiler, and portafilter and group designs from Rancilio's commercial line that all offer excellent service life.
  • Backflushable: An integrated 3-way solenoid valve makes the Silvia group easy to clean, and helps to relieve back-pressure from the portafilter for cleaner coffee pucks.

Details: Take your morning shot to new levels of accuracy with the Rancilio Silvia PID Espresso Machine. Originally spartan on features, the base Silvia's overbuilt design suited our techs perfectly! They've added a solid-state relay and PID controller to replace the original thermometer setup; tightening temp control and offering easy adjustments through the front-facing LCD screen. Better, the new controller unit also adds pre-infusion programming for those trickier coffee blends, as well as a programmable shot times for automatic shot brewing. Equipped with more consistent shot temperatures and some labor-saving features, the Silvia PID is just the machine for the lover of classic espresso with an eye for the present.