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Ronco Inventions ST4000 Showtime Indoor Rotisserie and BBQ

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Brand: BUNN


  • Large enough to hold 2 chickens or a 15-pound turkey
  • Pause setting permits meats to be browned on spit
  • Tray fits atop rotisserie for steaming foods
  • Included: 6 kabob rods, flavor-injecting syringe, heavy gloves, 12 elastic ties
  • Special Packaging includes Knife and Shear set

Details: An inexpensive introduction to the delights of rotisserie-roasted meats and poultry, this countertop device is large enough to spit-roast two chickens, a 15-pound turkey, a leg of lamb, a rack of ribs, or six kabobs. Place the spit through the wire food basket that accompanies the rotisserie and it will rotate chicken wings, salmon steaks, or other foods through the roasting cycle. Meanwhile, place the enameled-steel steaming tray atop the rotisserie, cover with its plastic lid, and the rotisserie will steam vegetables or shrimp. At this price, you wouldn't expect this rotisserie to be restaurant sturdy. But it's not flimsy, either. Measuring 17 by 15 by 13-1/2 inches, it delivers 1,250 watts of cooking power inside an enameled-steel case with a tempered-glass door. Three settings of the spit permit normal rotation, no-heat rotation to keep juices distributed evenly until serving, and pause-to-sear so that meats can be browned. 12 elastic ties to bind foods, a pair of heavy synthetic gloves for removing items from the unit, and $100 in coupons for other Ronco products accompany the rotisserie. Since it stars in an infomercial, the rotisserie also comes with an excellent instructional video. --Fred Brack Product description Only Basket is included!!! No Coupons or Accessories.